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We supply all the leading UK brands of tyres from performance to economy tyres for all makes and models of cars. With over 130,000 tyres in stock at any time we are sure we will have something to suit your tyre needs.


Regular car service keeps your vehicle healthy and fit. A service is specifically designed to check the parts and fluids of your car which undergo everyday wear and tear.

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Amazing service and brilliant staff. They couldn't have done more to help. Thoroughly recommend to anyone. Thank you Simon and the team.

mike simpson

I recently ordered a set of Maxxtrac Soft 8 bead lock wheels from Antony and the guys at Silverline 4x4, and whilst they were delayed in getting into the country (through no fault of Silverline 4x4!) they always responded to me weekly phone calls quickly and courteously, and as soon as they were available they were dispatched out to me. I really couldn’t be happier with the wheels and the service! I would highly recommend these guys as a company you can trust to deliver great products at great prices and with excellent customer service! Well done!

Thomas Rowland-Hill

First rate job. Brought the Jeep in with uneven tyre wear, causing terrifying 'death wobble' - sorted with balancing and tracking in record time. Very, very grateful.

Staying aligned!

If a recent survey of more than 2,000 motorists is representative of British motorists, then almost one million drivers are currently experiencing wheel alignment issues and significant steering pull. An ICM Research survey of 2,024 adults claim as many as one in eight motorists feel a pulling to one side or the other when driving.

What causes wheels to go out of alignment?
Hitting a pothole is the most obvious reason, but it doesn’t always have to be a knock or prang. Wheels can simply stray as you drive over rough surfaces and speed bumps.

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