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Excel off-road with Terratoura A/T

For drivers looking for adventure this summer, off-roading can present challenging terrains that are typical of the time of year, such as dry, dusty tracks and loose rock formations, creating difficulty for drivers that need traction. This requires tyres that can not only withstand, but also perform when faced with these conditions.

The Terratoura A/T from Davanti Tyres is designed to excel off-road and on-road in all weather conditions, while keeping the driver safe and fully in control.

Its five rib, all-terrain pattern design and the protruding saw-tooth shoulder blocks deliver mechanical traction in the mud and sand. The shoulder blocks and tread centrepoint ensure that steering remains light and responsive on the road while maintaining stability and grip on uneven ground.

Russ Dykes, owner of the Ardventures 4x4 Tours & Adventure Holidays provider, gave Terratoura A/T his seal of approval when testing them out across 10,000 miles of challenging terrains and multiple expeditions in his Toyota Landcruiser.

He said: “No one will have put Terratoura A/T through the kind of punishment we have on our tours. For example, in Morocco people think driving on sand is all soft surfaces and shifting ground, but there are corrugate rock formations which are tyre killers.

“Across the deserts of Morocco…the Terratoura A/T has excelled.”

Russ continued with his review of the tyre design: “The sidewall is what really impressed me.

“Sidewalls need to be strong and resilient. Despite the wide range of challenging overland routes we have driven since fitting Terratoura, there have been no gouges or chunks taken out of the sidewall.”

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