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As one of the leading independent tyre companies in the country, it's fair to say that Silverline Wheels & Tyres have long standing and unique associations with not just all the major tyre brands, but some of the best quality and most prestigeous wheels manufactures around the world today.

  • Silverline Car Wheels

    Car Wheels

    Silverline Ltd. in Warwick have long been associated with some of the world's leading wheel companies, supplying quality and individuality as standard to all our customers in conjunction with ATP and Speedline Corse.

  • Silverline Car Tyres

    Car Tyres

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Cooper Tires

Cooper Tyres

4x4, Light Truck and Sports Utility Tyres available now at Silverline
Call +44 (0)1926 496668

Atturo Tires

Atturo Tyres

Specifically for the SUV, 4x4 and light truck market available at Silverline
Call +44 (0)1926 496668

Mickey Thompson Tyres

Mickey Thompson Tyres

High performance 4x4 wheels and tyres available to buy at Silverline
Call +44 (0)1926 496668

Dick Cepek Tires and Wheels

Dick Cepek Tyres

Quality on and off-road wheels and tyres for 4x4 available at Silverline
Call +44 (0)1926 496668